Quality Policy & Control Systems



Quality has a long tradition within NFS and in the early days, the good quality of our Membranes & Glass Fiber Filter Papers was the origin of the still existing good reputation of our product in the market. The constant aim to improve the quality of our product with respect to the specific needs of our customer and growing needs for standardized quality has to led to the decision to introduce a quality management system according to ISO: 9001. The quality policy guarantees the consistent high quality of our product & high re-producibility from lot to lot by carefully designed development work, strict selection of raw materials, well planned production technique and through quality control. All parts and raw materials run through a strict incoming. Quality control guaranteeing constant high quality of our product. Multiple in process control steps secure that the quality demand of our customer are fulfilled as planned. Each product run through a 100% optical control, is tested in the quality control laboratories by rigorous test procedures and is only further processed after release by our quality control department. The quality test procedure with in Nupore is based on internationally accepted methods (like ISO, ASTM, etc.). Batch Number allows that each product can be traced back to the raw material used for its production. Our quality policy also secures that any in-put from our customer is documented and care fully consider in our quality.



Raw Material :
All raw materials for the filters and chemicals, packaging etc., which are meant to be used for the final product in any way are subjected to stringent quality controls.
Large quantity of raw material of one lot is being procured at a time to avoid the variations in properties of final products.

Production Process :
During the production process samples are taken continuously from several places & are being examined for various parameters-

1. Physical Appearance
2. Thickness, Basis Weight, Tensile, etc.
3. Flow Rates, Bubble Point In-process quality control tests monitor the data significant for the characterization of a filter in order to guarantee the consistent production of highly uniform filter products.

Product Quality :
Here all data relevant to the release of a filter material batch are monitored. The checklist include the in Process control tests together with measurement of, for example

1. Weight Per Unit Area, Thickness, Tensile Strength, etc.
2. Porosity, Flow Rate
3. Microbiological Challenge
4. Sensitivity
5. Efficiency, Pressure Drop In addition scanning electron microscope photographs of the filter are routinely taken.

Final Examination :
Before the sheet material is passed for final processing it is visually inspected by illuminating it from below to reveal any damaged or defective areas.

Pinching out the different diameters or rectangles and packaging is carried out under observance or strict control measures designed to ensure that batches are kept separate, with no chance of false labeling.

ISO 9001 : 2008