Other Rapid Test Components

Conjugate Release Matrix

Polyester Matrix Type PT1-05 is 400µ thick sturdy material. It acts as reservoir for conjugate and transfers the particles quickly to membrane. It has minimal additives so that users may include additives as per requirements.



Sample Pad

Glass fiber sample pad type GP-04 exhibits high absorption capacity and does not bind proteins. Available in standard thickness of 0.35mm and 0.60mm in sheet /strip form. GP-04 - With minimal additives allowing a user to include additives as per requirement.



Absorbent Pads (Sink Pads)

Absorbent pads, located at downstream end of the test, control the sample flow along the strip. These are hydrophilic in nature, have excellent absorbent capacity and thus help drive the flow. Nupore offers following variants to meet all the rapid test design (dipstick and device) requirements.

Absorbents Pad AP-08 (0.8 mm thick) for cassettes are available precut to desired length and width.



















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Conjugate Matrix
Sample Pad
Absorbent Pad