Nupore Nylon-66 Membrane Disc Filter - Type HNN


HNN Membrane Disc Filter are hydrophilic, biologically inert, non media migrating, plain white absolute membranes. Recommended for filtration, Sterilisation & clarification of mobile Phase in HPLC Processes with aqueous, alkaline & organic samples.

Features and Benefits

  •       1. Wide Chemical Compatibility
  •       2. Low extractables.
  •       3. HPCL Certified - Assures that filter ill not add artifacts to the sample.

Specifications :

Pore Size 0.22µm 0.45µm
Water Flow Rate (ml/min/cm²) at
ΔP = 10psi, 20°C
14.5 38.5
Diameter 13mm, 25mm, 47mm


Sterilisation: Autoclavable at 121°C for 5 cycles.

Maximum Operating Temperature: 80°C continuous

Maximum Operating Pressure: 3 Kg/cm²

Biosafety: Passes the Biological tests for Class VIplastics as described in USP.

Extractables with Water: Within Limits specified in USP.

Oxidizable Matter: Passes as per USP.

Ordering Information :

Type HNN
Pore Size (µm) 0.22, 0.45
Diameter (mm) 13, 25, 47