Nupore Glass Micro-fiber Thimbles


Nupore Glass Micro Fiber Thimbles are used for high temperature filtration (up to 550oC) or when using solvent incompatible with cellulose thimbles.

Features and Benefits

  •   ●  High retention efficiencies
  •   ●  High flow rates
  •   ●  High chemical purity
  •   ●  Completely free from binders or any other additive

Specifications :

Properties Glass Fiber Thimbles
Normal Rating 1
Thickness(mm) 2.8
Weight(gm/thimble) 2.8
Pressure drop(mm H2O/5LPM) 60
Efficiency (%) >99.9
Max. Working tmp(°C) 500
Hydroscopic rate (%) 0.2
Heating loss rate 0.2
Binde NO


Applications :

Used to sample at ambient and elevated temperatures, (upto 500°C) and exhibit minimal weight loss on heating (subject to normal pre-treatment).

Ordering Information :

Type Size Pack Size
GFT 190 19mm x 90mm 25
GFT2590 25mm x 90mm 25
GFT 30100 30mm x 100mm 25
GFT 43123 43mm x 123mm 25
  Other sizes are available on request.