Nupore Gridded Cellulose Nitrate Membrane Disc Filters - GCN


GCN membrane are made of Cellulose Nitrate, a material which assures effective retention with high flow rates. These membranes are useful for water microbiology. A grid is printed on the surface to facilitate of colonies.

Features and Benefits :

  •       1. High flow rates
  •       2. Non-inhibiting ink grids
  •       3. Validated for microbial recovery

Applications :

GCN membranes are useful for water microbiology. The printed grid eases the counting of bacterial colonies, micro colonies etc., and in no way influences the growth of bacteria.


Ordering Information :

Type Pore Size(µm) Diameter Pack Size
GCN 0.2, 0.45 25 mm 100
47 mm 100
* GCN-S is pre-sterilised membrane in individual peel off pack.