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Nupore Edge Hydrophobic Membrane Disc Filter - Type EHCN


EHCN membranes are used for sterility testing of antibiotics and drugs containing bacteriostats,
6 mm rim is hydrophobic and rest of the membrane is hydrophilic.


The hydrophobic edge does not allow the drug to seep under the rim of the filter holder.


This ensures complete removal of the drug during flushing so that growth of microorganisms which have been
retained on the membrane is not inhibited due to the residual drug, improving the sensitivity and reliability of
the test.


Cost reduction is possible by reducing or eliminating antibiotic breaking enzymes.


Applications :

  •       ●  Product Microbiology of antibiotics and drugs containing bacteriostats
  •       ●  Sterility testing of antibiotics and drugs containing bacteriostats


Validated For :

  •       ●  Sterility
  •       ●  Microbial retention
  •       ●  Microbial recovery with antibiotic drug samples


Specifications :

   Retention Efficiency :    LRV > 7 for S. Marcescens
   Pore Size :    0.45 µm
   Bubble Point :    ≥ 32 psi ( 2.25 Kg / cm² ) with water
   Diameter :    47 mm
   Water Flow Rates :    ( Water Flow Rates at ΔP = 10 psi, 27ºC) EHCN @ 45 ml/min/cm²


Ordering Information :

Type Code
Diameter Code
47 mm 47
Pore Size
Pore Size Code
0.45 µm 045
Non Sterile 1
EO Sterile 2


EHCN 47 045 1

Ordering Example : EHCN470451