Filtration Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Nupore Filtration Systems Pvt. Ltd.

A Brief Introduction


Founded in 1989, is a fast growing mid size company engaged in manufacturing of critical
filtration products used in purification of products in various industries. Headquatered in north INDIA, employs a total of approx. 120 people at its facilities including graduates, engineers and post graduates.


The Company is dedicated towards the research, development and production of a diverse range of products listed below:


  •       ● Cartridge & Capsule Filters                                                  ● Nylon-66 and Cellulose Nitrate Membranes

  •       ● Syringe Filters                                                                      ● Funnels Cups

  •       ● Vent Filters & Inline Filters                                                    ● Glass Micro Fiber Filters

  •       ● Diagnostic Membrane for Lateral Flow Test                          ● Other erlated products ( Blood Separator,           as well as Flow Through Applications                                      Sample Pad, Conjugate Pad, etc. )

    The Company's Products find application in various industries such as health care, pharma industry, aerospace, hydrulics and industrial fluid processing. offers a wide range of products primarily used to remove particulate, bacteria and viruses from air as well as liquids.


    Certifications: In additional to its commitment to the Total Quality Management process, maintains certification by United Registrar of systems Ltd to ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.